Special Week- CaMSafe Youth Training 2017

Date: 2017-06-10

What so special than a special week? A day full of special called special week of CaMSafe this week divided into two sessions. We brought potential youth to have a field visit at Honda Company in the morning for a fresh start. Aiming to promote road safety, the lecture on new Cambodia traffic law as well as the basic traffic law knowledge was delivered to youth by the expert in traffic law guest speakers from Honda Company. “It is only first few days of the month and the death from traffic accident is already 17 people, so how about the rest of the month?”, asked the guest speaker. Human error is one of the leading causes of road traffic accident in Cambodia and young people make up the largest number of death on the road. That is why engaging youth in road safety is our aim in decreasing the traffic accident or road crash as much as possible. The lecture focused on some main basic traffic knowledge such as the definition and division of the road, traffic sign, traffic light, traffic mark, and newly updated traffic law.  Youth also got to test the practice of 4D motorcycle riding on the different road to test their behaviors and errors in driving as later learned their mistake and never to make it happen again on the road.

In promoting the friendly environment and to bring the closeness between youth, we prepared the first lunch together for them which they could enjoy the meal while chit-chatting. Another criteria that made this week special was the youth themselves as a guest speaker, Mr. Tim Sovannarong our potential CaMSafe youth. With the required knowledge and technological skill in this flat world era, we want youth to learn and enhance their knowledge on technology. Mr. Sovannarong fulfilled this demand by help sharing on how to create a one-minute free website and how to write an interesting blog. Youth was really enthusiastic about this topic as it was new to them and as they have always sought to own one. What we see in them and what they set is to have an inspired and interesting website or blog after they gained knowledge about this topic. A day full was ended with a chit-chat that exchanged experiences, knowledge, curiosity, and expectation which helped to bring the close spirit among youth and also to engage them with the upcoming topic of Research Methodology which will be held on June 17th, 2017.


by  Mr Dok Dom

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