Being a part to ensure the sustainable development goal, we take to heart to prevent road crash deaths and injuries, improve public health, and promote environmental resilience especially those poor and vulnerable group at rural area in Cambodia. Within the best practical model, CaMSafe believe that Children and Youth involvement has unique power and most influence to social positive change and improvement toward road safety, public health, and environment.

Therefore, the project initiative “Youth Capacity Building Training 2017- Act Out Loud ” is designed to empower youth and generate ideas to solve the problems and develop the society. This project initiative will provide basic education and soft skill by focus on Youth Behavioral Change and Leadership, Road Safety, Public health, and Environment. This Training project is anticipated that youth volunteers will be able participate in CaMSafe’s community service project(s), generate team building, and transform their knowledge and passion into community actions targeting children and young adults.

The Training program starts from May-July 2017. All Selected youths for CaMSafe Youth Capacity Building Training will have opportunity to join workshops on various topics every weekend, to have meeting with experts and other youth leaders, and explore the new experiences of team building and teamwork of university students. The training will offer the basic skill and general knowledge to youth participant through friendly discussion and class environment.
After the training, we strongly support and encourage youths to apply their knowledge and skill in society by establishing the community service projects.

Call for applicants !