In assessing and responding to the needs and problems of people in the community, especially those vulnerable group who are in need of support whether it emotional or materials, CaMSafe strongly believe that youth have unique power to influence social responsibility for positive change toward healthy environment. CaMSafe Youth who comes from various backgrounds yet shares common interest has come to action to answer the needs. CaMSafe Youth batch 1, within 10 youths, are putting their knowledge into practice after went through the very first CaMSafe 2017 project, namely Youth Capacity Building Training under the cross cutting topics which links to CaMSafe commitment to empower youth in promoting Road safety, Environment and Public health.
CaMSafe Youth has transferred their skill to the work environment by identifying community problem thus developed Helping Hands, Hands of Hope program to find solution for Autism kids and young adults at Hands of Hope community to develop close contact, provide support, have their right respected, and improve the quality of life for kids who are suffered from Autism and Down syndrome. Our perspective for sustainable future is optimizing youth participation in community development society for humanity, society, and citizen’s well-being which helps contribute to the creation of healthy, safety culture, and productive life.