First Collection:


Starting with the first collection, our youth designing team come up with a name called “Descendant” which is defined as the next generation of our nation. Along the purpose to inspire youth to volunteer through their complement formal academic and commitment  for country development. Depend on the main aim of collection, there are significant quotes which is displayed the concept “Dear Cambodia, My youth is yours” will be seen on fabric.

CaMSafe Store:

CaMSafe Store is a part of organization’s initiative that includes business approach in addition to fundraising to save lives and promote quality of life especially for those people lives in poverty.

All products are original designed by ABWY youth group. With the main aims to advocate the youth generation to create, innovate and introduce not only the fabulous fashion items, but also contribute to the promotion of social culture, custom, as well as positive change towards road safety, clean environment, and healthy living in Cambodia. Profit getting from sale will be used to contribute in CaMSafe charity activity.