Youth's Reflection Week 01

My name is Mang Laiheng. I’m a student at The University of Cambodia majoring in International Relations. Spending my whole Saturday afternoon at the training was really worth its works. It was such an inspiring topic that we had discussed about the youth behavioral change and role, teamwork, and leadership.

Truly speaking, I do appreciate the way that the trainees have shared us their knowledge in such a friendly and warm way. By doing this way, we did not feel there was any separation between and was more willing to share and discuss about the topic. Moreover, we did many crucial activities such as the discussion on the youth policy that demonstrated about the youth role to participate in the society and watched inspirational videos related to youth behavioral change and the power of volunteer. Next, we discussed about teamwork identity and the five-year plan of what we want to see in CaMSafe.

This training provided all of the trainees with the broad understanding of themselves on behalf of youth and future young leader in the society. Furthermore, it provided us with the new concept of behavioral change and how to become an effective team work with the insightful future plan and vision. Especially, this training has been embraced with the power of volunteer that will bring a big positive impact on the society. To me, I have learnt a lot of things but I would like to list only the most important tasks such as the youth participate in society through volunteerism, how to make an effective teamwork by eliminating the differences and make the group identity, be brave to share my strength and weakness to others and being a leader.

"Youth Behavioral Change and Leadership"

All in all, the first week of training went wonderfully. However; as for the improvement, I think the project coordinator should extend more time for the training of each session in order to have more time for discussing and sharing to each other. Plus, I do encourage all the trainees to participate and share more ideas together. For the upcoming training session, I hope we are going to learn and gain new knowledge from the key speakers and through the discussions. I am inspired by what I have learnt and ready for the upcoming training with CaMSafe.

By Miss Mang Laiheng, CaMSafe Youth 2017, 2017-05-24