To be a part of environment protection as well as being proactive youth in dealing with the issues that could lead our community and next generation in danger, Go-Gens Youth Department of Cambodia Safety Solution has made commitment and interest to establish environment project so called- “Eco Hero” under the theme “Zero Plastic Waste Journey”.
The project will be organized consecutively from Q2 Oct- Q2 December 2018 with Eco Hero Store which is established to sell steel/glass water bottle and to raise awareness of using plastic.
The project includes educational short clip (GoGens Media project) with theme “Environment and Me” which expected to produce during Q1 August in the purpose to knock those with bad habit of trash management as well as neglecting the surround clean environment. To maintain the sustainable of the project, the profit from Eco Hero Store will be used to support humanitarian and community service at Kampot Province in October 2018. Eco Hero for community and humanitarian will be organized with most focus on 3 cross- cutting of CaMSafe; Road Safety, Environment and Public health themes by providing Trash Bins and Plants to the community. Significantly, GoGens department is expecting to raise fund to provide study material or any requirement that could be offering to kids at the community. With the belief that kids and young adult is the best agent in spreading information and being the role model CaMSafe youth and youth volunteer participants will work in various team to provide education on Basic Road safety –cycling and pedestrian. Thus, wasted management, green habit, hygiene and sanitation education will be including in activates to promote public health and environment sustainability.