Youth's Reflection
Week 4

I was very delighted and excited after I joined the CaMSafe youth program as well as a lucky candidate who had selected to join the Let’s Act Out Loud training 2017 which organized by CaMSafe Organization. On June 17th, 2017, I had learnt about research methodology in fifth week of the training.  I think it‘s very significant for all students, especially all levels of mankind who need to develop themselves by accessing to the research process. In this training, many things came along with the bullet points to boost me up and other trainees to become a researcher from now on.

                        Exactly, the whole session of Research Methodology was extremely great and gave a lot of advantages to all the trainees. Personally, I think that these days many people in the world use the human inquiry to judge and make the decision about something without thinking thoroughly. Research is important because it does not just initiate the peace faith in society but people can learn from researching and see the real news if they realize its benefit. Sometimes people tend to use their natural observation or traditional perspective of the scholar or ancestor from the past as the proof or to define a new study on some specific topic. We can’t state either a research paper is right or wrong because everyone has different options to think and through their research data. We were all born in the different regime and living in the different situation so the methodology used for research needs to be flexible according to the time. We can’t expect to get the complete paper which gives us all the information and reliable evidence just by going through the internet or old published paper from the past. If we want to know and learn on a particular topic, we have to go out and find more information which we think it’s strong enough and match our limitation and that’s how research methodology is going to help us.

Within the globalization, it has enormous influence on the technology systems, connections, and brain curiosity. The world seems narrow like we can get all of the data from all every area that we wish for; however, people also change their mindset and get influence from outside environment and it’s quite hard to assume trustful information. One critical question that I always ask myself every time I get to see or hear about some facts is “From which source I should trust?” In this case, I really need research methodology as it can help me to answer this question. For my opinion, I knew that Research Methodology is not easy to learn (some people said it takes time) but it’s not too difficult to grab up and deal with it. The next question is “Why we have to use it?” Because it helps to generate new knowledge, find out the truth, and identify the fact. Many people who are living in this era whether they are the student or worker, they all need to work closely with research habit before they start to do something because it’s very helpful for their jobs, to clarify study input, and complete the tasks effectively with an acceptable and trustful outcome. Nowadays, many people seem to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and so on to write and share the information with public. Unfortunately, most news and information are not from trustful sources yet are treated as the potential data and allow many people to believe in and make such unethical judgment on one thing without further study on it. This is another reason that people need to learn and know about research methodology to avoid any false news and making the wrong decision. Furthermore, people also use research methodology to study on their engaging topic as a researcher or learner and to earn profit from their business. For example, for those who run their online store, they also tend to use research methodology to know more about the target group and to design their market strategy. Absolutely, I have to repeat that research methodology is an awesome topic to learn and to practice by using it in our academic or personal business. Every single week of training at CaMSafe has never missed to amaze all the trainees with interesting and beneficial lessons and activities. Also, I had met an orator who is professional in research and taught me a lot of new things about survey research.

                        Lastly, I appreciate this session and believe that all the trainees who had joined this training would take advantages from this training as I did too. Hopefully, this training will be a useful understanding for all my teammates in the future. We have to know that we are living in globalization era; it has many things that we never know before so that researching is the best way to show reality and fact happen in society. The style of knowledge to pursue the reality will happen if we gain a clear understanding of research methodology process.

                        Remember this “Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing”.