Week 05- CaMSafe Youth Training 2017
" Environment and Public Health "

Date: 2017-05-27

When you first hear about the word environment, what comes to your mind? If trees and plants are what first comes to your mind then you need to look deeper into environment because it is more than you think it is. Three main elements of environment are physical, chemical, and biological factors. Yes, we care about environment that we want people especially youth to really take part in protecting environment. On July 1st, 2017 our training went under the theme of “Environment and Public Health”. The guest speaker Mr. Kong Sovann who experienced in this field and also works closely with it first gave the lectures on the emerging issues and trends of diseases. There are three main causes of death which are Communicable diseases, maternal, perinatal, and nutritional conditions; noncommunicable diseases; and injuries. “During the year 2000, the rising numbers of death were attributed to the communicable diseases. However, thing went opposite way as during 2015 the rising numbers of death were attributed to noncommunicable diseases which contributed about 70 percent of total deaths while 21 percent came from communicable diseases and 9 percent came from injuries”, stated the guest speaker according to WHO Global Estimates Death (2000-2015). Another alerting knowledge to youth was about the 20 leading causes of deaths in which Lower Respiratory Infections stood in number 3, Stroke was in number 2, and followed by Ischaemic Heart Disease as a number 1 leading cause of death. (WHO, 2015 Statistic) Youth also learned about factors that are the modifiable parts of death attributable to the environment which are pollution of air, ultraviolet, noise, occupational risks, built environment, agricultural methods, man-made climate and ecosystem change and so on. They also aware of where do most of the diseases attributed to environment happen, it is South-East Asia Region and Cambodia is included of course.

The session continued with the definitions, concepts, and key principles of health, environment, environmental health, and public health. Additionally, we engaged youth to understand about public health goals in order to create a resilient community with the concept of well-being; their financial, environmental, emotional, spiritual, social, physical, career, and intellectual. This also helps to promote and encourage their healthy behavior that youth these days seems to ignore or pay less attention to. How human interacts with environment and how environmental factors potentially affect health are what youth need to contemplate. The session was ended with the assignment of “What are the top 3 prioritize environmental factors that potentially affect health?” Youth will have to give their answer and show up for our another beneficial topic “Media Advocacy and Public Relation” which will be held on July 8th, 2017.


by  Mr. Khan Rattana

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