Week 02- CaMSafe Youth Training 2017
" Road Safety and Pre-Hospital Care "

     Based on the three main cross-cuttings of CaMSafe organization, the training was designed to provide the knowledge regarding road safety and public health with the title “Road Safety and Pre-hospital care” on the second week of training.

     Mr. Meas Chandy; adviser board of CaMSafe, who has worked in road safety field for years, spent his value Saturday with CaMSafe Youths by being the key speaker on the topic of Road Safety. Rather than telling the same old story, Mr. Chandy brought one interesting lesson to the class, the key term of Safety System concept which youth was unfamiliar with. He provided the clear definition of what is Safety System concept in road safety and its related issues. Youth learnt the meaning and concept of safety system and involved their understanding through discussion and presentation. Safety System concept is known to have four main elements which are Education, Engineering, Enforcement, and Emergency care. It was interesting that each group almost had the same answer to a question; if they are the decision maker which two elements that they would prioritize? Each group chose Education and Enforcement as their prioritized in which key speaker agreed with as these two are the essential starter point if we want an effective safety system in road safety.

     Furthermore, the flow of lecture was quite linking as Mr. Phan Socheat, an experienced worker in public health sector gave youth lecture on Emergency medical service (EMS) for first responder. The lecture was not taught only through the slide show yet the additional practical of controlling the bleeding and shock management were included. Youth worked in pair and followed the guideline from an expert in the field of what first responder should do to help the victim or injured people based on procedure and technical of EMS.  The activity went well as youth seemed to get the point and managed to perform it right. However, Mr. Socheat also provided basic EMS guideline book which youth can read and improve their understanding of pre-hospital care.

     Another Saturday afternoon was well spent to learn the necessary lesson related to social issues, CaMSafe Youth seems to gain more knowledge regarding road Safety and public health yet they still show their enthusiasm to learn more from the next training class. CaMSafe Youth is ready to spare full Saturday with CaMSafe Special Week as they; themselves, raised what they should learn and do.

Special Week! Let’s see what special and interesting thing we are going to learn on 10 June.

Stay Tuned!

Date: 2017-05-27


by  Miss Meas Khanitha

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