Week 01- CaMSafe Youth Training 2017
" Youth Behavioral Change and Leadership"

Date: 2017-05-20

Our first inspirational training workshop went well under the topic “Youth Behavioral Change and Leadership.” The experienced in the field guest speaker, Ms. Sem Chenda, introduced and engaged the trainees to the youth behavioral change topic through some inspirational stories of volunteering and youth role in the community.
“Other than being a role model, youth needs to be more willing to share and disseminate the knowledge or any important message, value other ideas as their own, bring new social phenomenon, be creative and be engaged”, explained the guest speaker.

With the required knowledge and practical skill of leadership in the 21st century, our potential guest speaker Mr. Keo Rottanakvisal, engaged youths to deeply understand the term of leadership and to gain more insightful of what make a good leader. The session got hook by the leadership games as well as the activity of painting a tree of what youths want to see in CaMSafe in the next 5 years. All youths were working well together as a team, the language barrier was eliminated, and more willing to share. The training workshop ended with joyful photo session and back home with interesting assignment on topic “Youth Participation in Social development.”, what youth as leader, youth as volunteer, and youth as beneficiaries need to do for a better social change? This helps engage youth to the next training workshop “Road Safety and Pre-hospital Care” which will be held on May 27th, 2017.


by Mr. Tim Sovannarong & Miss Mang Laiheng

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