Youth's Reflection Week 02

"Road Safety & Pre-Hospital Care"

My name is Meas Kannitha. I’m studying International Relations at The University of Cambodia in term 3. I am going to briefly write about our second week of CaMSafe youth capacity building training 2017.

There were two main topics which the key speakers raised up this week. First, a key speaker who has worked in the field provided us an interesting lesson regarding Road Safety, focused on Safety System Concept. According to the global status report of WHO, Every single day, many people were killed and injured in the traffic accident. Traffic accidents are caused by 3 main factors such as human behavior, the state of roads, and vehicles. Thus, the government of some developed countries have learnt and created safe system model in order to decrease the number of accidents. According to the lecture, Safe system model has four important elements such as Education, Enforcement, Engineering, and Emergency Care. Personally, I think these strategies are such effective solution to deal with the traffic accident crisis. Moreover, if the government can implement safety system ideally, the number of traffic accident will keep decreasing and the road user will be well-organized since the citizens aware of the traffic law and keep the safe behavior whenever they use the road. So, it’s simply mean that this task needs to be involved by the citizens, traffic cops, government and  NGOs or group of people who work in the field to cooperate and maintain the good practice of safety system.

The second topic was about “Pre-hospital Care”. As stated in the lecture, first responders play a crucial role in rescuing victims before the police, medical doctors, and firefighters arrive the accident scene. First responders also refer to the people who already happen to be at the scene of the accident. Key speaker showed us the procedure of first responder which is such an essential lesson that we should have learnt. Before helping the victims, first responders must ensure safety for themselves, their partners, and victims by scanning the environment. From my perspective, having knowledge about first aids is necessary for everyone. As we know that the accident can possibly happen everywhere in both urban and rural area and can harm the safety of citizen. So, local authority or the government should add the pre-hospital care training course in education program or community. This training can help decline the death rate of accident.

To sum up, these 2 topics are essential and beneficial for us to know as being the youth who is committed to improve road safety as well as to rescue those who are injured or being harmed by the traffic accident. In order to make our training more interesting, key speakers gave and facilitated us the group discussion session which engages all trainees to actively participate in class. By doing so, we could understand the lecture faster and more effectively. I especially liked the way the speaker performed. They had such an energetic, strong voice and good body language. I believe that my team gained a lot of knowledge from this second training by getting actively involved in the activities. We shared and learnt a lot from each other rather than just listening to the lecture. Personally, I will spread the lesson that I’ve learnt from the speakers to my family and friends.

 I believe that to make a better change in the society we must come together as a big group with one common goal, share and contribute our understanding.